Who We Are

The Heroes of America Foundation Inc. is a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The foundation is classified as a “Public Charity” through the Internal Revenue Service (EIN#82-268245). Established in September of 2017, The Heroes of America Foundation was founded by a diverse group of individuals who wished to further their passion for public service and community outreach and engagement. Specifically, the founders Sean and Christopher Pascoe, Justin Williams, Christopher Necas and Tyler Mleczko, who are members of such agencies as the United States Armed Forces, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, and the Nevada Highway Patrol, felt a need to support public servants when they are faced with their own personal challenges. Along with Alex Underwood, a local real estate investor and developer, and Aubrey Pascoe and Seth Schmalenberger, UNLV English majors, the group sought to utilize their multiplicity of skills by creating a non-profit organization that would provide support and assistance for public servants.

The Board Members

Sean Pascoe, President & Co-Founder

Sean PascoeBorn in a law enforcement family and bred in Las Vegas, Sean found his passion for public service at an early age. While living away from Las Vegas, at the age of fourteen, he began volunteering with the Colorado Springs Police Department. Later, upon return to Las Vegas, he continued his volunteer work with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. As Sean wished to serve his community on a national level, he enlisted in the United States Coast Guard, attending basic training in Cape May, NJ. He then attended the Maritime Law Enforcement Academy at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

Currently, Sean is a police officer with the LVMPD and has served his agency and community in numerous way, including acting as Truancy Diversion Judge with Clark County School District. While working in patrol, Sean received the “meritorious “award for his actions on a dynamic call for service, which was broadcasted on the reality T.V show, “Cops”. Sean maintains his status in the USCG Reserves as a Maritime Enforcement Specialist, Petty Officer 2nd Class. He is currently attached the Port Security Unit 311, which is responsible for ant-terrorism and force protection missions. In 2017, Sean deployed to South Korea, providing security for hundreds of US soldiers and foreign military members.Email me here

Christopher Pascoe, Vice-Chair & Co-Founder

Christopher PascoeChristopher is a proud Las Vegas native. He began his passion for public service at an early age, much like his twin brother, Sean. He joined the Colorado Springs Police Department as a volunteer police cadet at age fourteen. At the age of eighteen, Christopher joined the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department as a Patrol Service Representative and then graduated the LVMPD police academy in 2014. As a police officer, Christopher was recognized for his outstanding leadership abilities and was given the “Life-saving” award for his actions in saving a young girls life at the Electronic Daisy Carnival.

Like his brother, Christopher had a passion for serving his country and joined the United States Coast Guard in 2013. He is currently attached to Port Security Unit 311 in Long Beach, CA as a Maritime Law Enforcement Specialist, Petty Officer 2nd Class.

Justin Williams, 1st Vice-President & Co-Founder

Justin WilliamsAfter graduating from Bakersfield High School, Justin moved to Las Vegas with the aim to work in law enforcement. With this pursuit in mind, he actively involved himself in the local community, becoming a mentor for the Clark County School District, as well as a volunteer for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Upon volunteering, Justin wished to further his passion, and he thus participated in the Trauma Intervention Program and became an Explorer with LVMPD. Currently, Justin is an LVMPD police officer and works as a SWAT negotiator. In addition to law enforcement, he is pursuing a business degree. In his off-time, you can find Email me here him singing with great vigor, or finding his next travel destination.

Jessica Barr, 2nd Vice-President

Jessica BarrJessica Barr moved to Henderson, NV from Denver, Colorado. She received her Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from UNLV and then her Masters in Advanced Teaching and Leadership, with her Administrative license, from Sierra Nevada College. Currently, Jessica is pursuing her Doctorate in Organizational Change and Leadership at the University of Southern California - Los Angeles. Jessica is passionate about education and teacher advocacy. She serves as the Executive Program Coordinator for Pinecrest Academy of Nevada where she focuses on data analysis and visualization, evaluation, grant writing, and policy.

Tyler Mleczko, Secretary

Tyler MleczkoTyler Mleczko was born in Las Vegas in October of 1988. While in grade school, Tyler Mleczko moved to Germany with the military and resided there until 2007. In 2007, Tyler Mleczko moved back to Las Vegas to pursue a degree in Business Administration. While pursuing his degree, Tyler Mleczko joined the ranks of the Nevada Highway Patrol. Since, Tyler Mleczko has been a Trooper for the past eight years. Trooper Mleczko is currently assigned as an investigators for the Southern Command’s regional fatal team. Trooper Mleczko has been doing reconstruction work for over four years. In addition to being a Trooper, Tyler Mleczko serves our country as a reservist in the United States Coast Guard. He is currently stationed at a counter terrorism unit in Long Beach, California.

Christopher Necas, Board Member

Christopher NecasChristopher Necas is a Las Vegas native. After graduating from Silverado High School in 2009, Chris followed his passion for public service and joined the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department as a "Cadet". After serving his community as a cadet, Chris successfully passed the LVMPD Police Academy and was sworn in as a full time police officer.

After graduating the police academy and successful completion of field training, Chris married his high school sweetheart. As a police officer, he has responded and assisted his community in times of need. Knowing the challenges and obstacles of law enforcement, Chris decided to betterEmail me here prepare himself and attended the College of Southern Nevada EMT course. Chris is a co-founder of the Heroes of America Foundation.

Lauren Douglas, Board Member

Lauren DouglasLauren was born and raised in Las Vegas. She is a graduate from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she received her Bachelors in Nursing. After graduating from UNLV, she began working at Sunrise Hospital, specializing in pediatrics. While working as a pediatric nurse, Lauren had a strong urge to travel, but still wanted to provide care to young patients. With the support of friends and family, Lauren moved to Austin, Texas and worked at Dell Children's Hospital, where she worked in the pediatric neurology and rehab unit. Lauren is currently working at the Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, Texas. Lauren is no stranger to assisting those who are in need. During the launch of the Heroes of America Foundation, Lauren was working around the clock giving care to patients affected by Hurricane Harvey. Lauren is a passionate and caring individual who wishes to make a difference in the lives of patients she treats.

Disaster Relief Team

The Heroes of America Foundation was founded on September 1, 2017. The foundation, along with several local business's and school's collected 1,430 canned food items, 2,382 school supplies, 200 toys, 103 toiletries, 325 clothing items, 200 children's socks, and 13 misc., home good items to Hilliard Elementary School in Houston, TX. The Heroes of America Foundation is now accepting volunteers for the Disaster Relief Team! This team is responsible for responding to natural disasters or critical incidents nationwide where first responders have responded and will provide relief resources.

Our Mission

Is to provide aid to local public servants including members of law enforcement and fire department agencies, nurses, teachers, social workers, and other public servants. The organization provides disaster relief to local and US public servants after catastrophic events and tragedies by collecting and distributing canned foods, clothing items, coffee, energy drinks, snacks, and water. The average response time is the same day or the next day after a catastrophic event and tragedy. Previously the Heroes of America Foundation has provided disaster relief to local and US public servants who aided at the California Wildfires in 2017 and the Las Vegas Mass Shooting on October 1, 2017. Heroes of America Foundation, Inc. gathered resources and went to East Houston, TX to assist in disaster relief to the victims of hurricane Harvey.

Current Initiatives

  • Angels of Heroes
  • Donate Like A Hero
  • Heroes Helping Hands (H³)
  • PTSD Awareness & Financial Planning


    Is my donation tax deductible?
    Yes, the Heroes of America Foundation Inc. is a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The foundation is classified as a “Public Charity” through the Internal Revenue Service. EIN#82-268245
    Do I have to be a first responder or public servant to volunteer?
    No, the Heroes of America Foundation accepts all those who wish to give back to their communities. The Heroes of America conducts background checks on all potential volunteers.
    What services do you plan on providing with my donation?
    The Heroes of America Foundation primarily focuses on disaster relief, in which we respond to catastrophic events and tragedies and provide relief for public servants. Your generous donation will assist the foundation in the purchase of appropriate equipment and supplies.
    Does the foundation provide other services?
    The Heroes of America is currently in the planning phase of providing resources for marriage counseling, PTSD awareness and financial planning for first responders.

Case Studies on Clark County School District of Nevada

Clark County School DistrictAs of January 31st 2018 The Clark County School District has another set of eyes on its books after a state committee put the cash-strapped public school system on a financial watch list. The Local Government Finance Committee approved a recommendation from the Department of Taxation to place the nation’s fifth-largest school district on “fiscal watch status,” which requires it to share monthly statements and provide periodic updates to the committee.

Source: Courtesy -Meghin Delaney Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Performance Level of Nevada Schools

Nevada's elementary, middle, or high school, a school must be among the lowest performing schools based on the NSPF index points in reading/ELA and mathematics earned in the areas of Performance (Status) and Progress (Growth) during the current year. Nevada schools did not meet the participation requirement. When a population/subpopulation does not meet the participation goal of 95%, the school will receive a Warning. Subsequent years of not meeting 95% participation has resulted in our children being under educated. View the data at the Nevada School Performance Framework (NSPF).

The Heroes of America Foundation's (Heroes Helping Hands) Initiative

About The Initiative

Heroes Helping HandsHelping to provide school supplies and reimburse the teachers of Clark County School District, NV. In addition to formulate a plan to assist with the school lunch programs and provide assistance with homeless students. Harley Harmon Put yourself in the shoes of a child that's trying to learn and educate themselves while experiencing hunger pains, writing with broken pencils, pens or markers due to inadequate school supplies. Then at the end of the day you carry your inadequate supplies home in a plastic bag that was previously used to carry groceries. Think of the child's state of mind and self esteem. Now try to concentrate on what the teacher is trying to convey to you. The Heroes of America Foundation, Inc is determined to assist in putting a stop to this type of issue among many that affect our children's ability to learn.

Heroes at Work

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